Journey of the Swords © Bonnie Moss 2002-2003

Rider-Waite deck

Swords depict stress, conflict, turmoil. As well, it indicates discriminating thought process, It incites decisive action, logic, empowerment to liberate self-imposed limitations. It is a gift of awareness.


If I turn up, I bring to you the power of discernment, a release of great force.

Conquest is awaiting , but you have to put up an impressive fight. You can put an end to prolonged stress, overcome stubborn obstacles; the decision is yours. Decisive action is yours to take to bring triumph.

You have a chance at a new beginning. However, if I come in reverse, caution., you are being too forceful, too pushy, adding more conflict to an already stressful situation, even stir violence. This is not the time for heavy-handed approach.


Do you choose to cloud your perception with your blindfold? Lose your foresight, you think all the solutions are compromises, you must realize the stalemate is circumstancial. You are strong, but you need to "dig in your heels". Look at the ocean and the moon in the background, realize this relates to your soul, to your psyche, the thin line between the conscious and sub-conscious. The situation is calling for a decision- deal with your fears, and pains,listen to your inner self, therein lies the solution.

In reverse, you may see a resolution of the conflict, but be cautious, you may be misled by false information, be wary of deceit and ulterior motives. Be discerning.


Such is the pain you feel, emotions highly charged, you endure torment, crisis in relationship- a divorce, a triangle, you feel victimized. Past hurts and pain haunt you. Ask yourself what do need to express your love, your hate. Think. You have the mental courage, this is the time to express yourself. you will experience relief when your heart is again free and ready to communicate.

Remember, number three denotes statement.

As a Sword, I do not always bring pain and sorrow- if I come in reverse, know that you are on the road to recovery, whatever your hurt, your grief, your pain maybe. I am the messenger of resolution- it is time to let go, it may not be as painful as you fear. Free yourself from the pain and chains that bind you. You alone can do this.


You have known such pain and stress, take the time to recharge your energies. Give yourself a break, you need time to heal, your mind, your body and your soul. How can you search deep within if peace has eluded you? You might even consider a vacation. This is not running away, your woes are still hovering over you, get away form the source of conflict to gain a better perspective.

Now I turn up in reverse, in this position, I brighten up things. You’ve had that much needed recuperation, you are ready to get back to your former level of energy. Prepare for new interests.


How unstable this number is. I warn you of insincerity, jealousy ,slander and even sabotage from those you deal with. I hate to be the messenger of doom and gloom- but my friend, take heed, and be cautious. Not that you should be suspicious of everyone you deal with, what is your focus at this time, the most important undertaking on your plate? Just be on your guard!

I bring more peaceful news in the reverse. There is a chance of clearing up the air; still, be cautious, for the air could still be clouded with deception .

Yes, this is an emotional time.


Nothing in life is permanent- you have suffered enough. I bring relief, like a "bridge over troubled waters". You do not have to bear your pain alone, good counsel from well-meaning people around you will help .As I ferry you across the waters, be aware what lies ahead is unknown, but with your mental courage and delete space strength your suffering has brought, what awaits may be better than what you leave behind.

As I come in the reverse, go deep within your soul, your spirit. this is a time to seek spiritual guidance. Think carefully with an open mind. Things may not go as you plan, Delays may be inevitable and answers elude you. Have faith.


As a number, I represent unexpected change, perception and insight. You do not trust anyone, from the instability of the Five. You travel to unknown shore in the Six, now in Seven, your Faith is wavering. Yes, be cautious, be on guard. There is always an alternative. Have a Plan"B". Be resourceful. Remember, this is a suit of mental strength,believe in yourself, this is your greatest tool amid conflict.

Now I present myself in the reverse- surprise. Things are not all that bad!

Have faith in yourself and victory is yours.


Blindfold in the Two, your hands were free, you had strength. In the Eight, you are not only in blindfold, your hands are bound behind you, and intimidating swords surround you. You feel trapped- is this for real, or on your mind? Sometimes you are your worst enemy- you limit yourself by your self-imposed restrictions. Trivial matters are magnified; are the Swords the enemy, or are they at your disposal to cut yourself loose .

As you reached the shore of the unknown in Six, you may not realize your level of perception is heightened, Number eight brings control and power- it is yours to put to good use. Do a deep self-analysis.

This chance I bring to you as you turn me up in the reverse. You are free, step outside the self-imposed restrictions,new insights and perception awaits.


How dark the night is, you can not even seek refuge in the darkness of the night. Your fears haunt you and torment you. Why suffer alone? The pain and sorrow is too much for you to bear- comprehend the incomprehensible. All is not lost, see the light as night turns into day.

As you go deep into your mind, new understanding may surface,be creative in finding solutions.

You long for that space "light at the end of the tunnel"- in reverse, this is my message. Oh, it is good to be the messenger of good tidings. It is time to snap out of the depression and be an active member of this wonderful world again.


Is this the ultimate disaster/ calamity? Lost hopes and broken dreams comes as the main course. But should it be? They say, cut your losses and be done with it, this may be the solution Learn from your mistakes, what is important is to rise again after a fall. Just do not fall over the same issue over and over…

Caution: from the entrapment of Eight, the deep pain of Nine, into the Ten, all three do not bode well. Watch that this is not so. For illness may ensue.

Finally, again, I am reversed, be glad. The worst is over. You learned your lesson, you acquired inner strength, you survived with flying colors. From here on, there is very little left to fear. Such is the lesson of the Ten of Swords.


This page was created May 7, 2003.