The Field by Lynne McTaggart: A Book Review © Atham-Z 2003

The Field, by Lynne McTaggart
Harper Collins Publishers - ISBN 0-06-019300-X

A friend of mine heard about this book and its description fascinated me, so I immediately ordered it. This well- known and credible investigative journalist delves into the anomalies encountered in scientific research, alternative medical treatments, psychic phenomena and simple faith. You may remember studying science or physics in school, and the teacher trying to explain to you that light was both waves and particles. That was sort of over my head at the time. According to documented scientific studies of the past decades, light is a wave until someone or something observes it in a certain state, and then its “pinned down” position is particulate. So when God said, “Let there be light”, the universe was born because it could be observed.

Out in the vacuum of space, aside from the planets, stars, asteroids and comets, that vacuum is not empty. It is full of electrons et al that are all vibrating like waves, even in the absolute zero cold temperatures. This discovery has recently amazed scientists who now seem to be adopting the name “Zero Point Field” (ZPF) in order to label the stuff in the void. (Those who have formerly been named quacks also called this “ether” and various other designations.) Ms. McTaggart then takes us from the quantum physics discussion over to what medical researchers are discovering about quantum effects in their biology research. Hard to believe but our bodies emit light, and so does vegetable matter.

Now you needn't expect to glow in the dark, but sensitive instruments can determine wellness or make diagnoses based on what particular light the cells emit. And more astounding, correcting the frequency of the light emitted sometimes cures the disease, even cancer. More amazing is that cells resonate or vibrate in a pattern that can be translated auditorially and also respond by vibrating in synch with a healthier sound being played back to them.

Water being a miracle substance, on this our watery earth, can form templates of needed curative substances when molecules are completely diluted out of the solution, which validates the centuries old argument about homeopathic medical remedies and which discovery is beginning to be tested with vaccines.

This all connects to the Zero Point Field, or in other words quantum vibrations of energy or light being aligned to work for our health or against it. Next she talks about faith healers and those who pray for someone’s recovery. Yes, this positive faith and desire does work. (They have done control studies on HIV patients about this.) It didn't matter if your intent to cure was through Reiki, Qi Gong or Christian prayer - it works! The person intending the healing is sending out quantum energy with the desire to help the recipient being targeted to arrange his or her cells to settle into a healthier pattern.

Naturally this leads to thoughts about psychic telepathy. The quantum (ZPF) field that surrounds us all sends or receives thoughts in this extra sensory fashion, particularly when one has trained their mind to be receptive to and believe that such communication works. This led to doing studies on nonbelievers without any type of training, and yes there is a racial consciousness that can be measured through fluctuations in the Zero Point Field (aka the quantum field) that is everywhere. This global field (ZPF) showed remarkable disturbances when O.J. Simpson was acquitted and even greater ones on 9/11/01. So those electrons that are everywhere, as energy (matter) or light, carry information, even memory from different generations (time periods), that a being can tap into and use when required. Now I finally understand why those Monarch butterflies can always find the same trees upon which to roost, even though they are a younger generation and their predecessors are long dead. Stephen Hawking awakened us all with his ideas in “A Brief History of Time”, but Lynne McTaggart has pulled together information from pockets of researchers around the world that will be changing our expectations and understanding of science and ourselves.

This book is a must read for anyone looking for a reasonable explanation for psychic abilities and events. Find out more about it at The Field On Line.


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