Three of Swords - No Pain, No Gain Bonnie Moss 2002-2003

When a Sword card is drawn, it incites anxiety and concern. Some decks are more graphic in demonstrating this negative aspect of the suit.

Three is a number that represents synthesis, harmony and expression. In the Three of Swords, this harmony is lacking, instead there is disharmony, disruption, at times heartbreak. Through a difficult period, unhappiness, confusion and indecision, this card tends to turn up. There are reasons why this card shows up, it may even point to something that needs attention. There could be a health issue, indicated by low energy, inability to cope and irritability.

Worry and anxiety add to the gloomy outlook. Choices and decisions are delayed , or not made due to inability to make them, this extends the period of uncertainty. The pain caused by someone else becomes too much to bear, the atmosphere is clouded with a sense of insecurity and betrayal and a deep sense of sorrow.

It would probably be beneficial to step back from all the tension and stress- give yourself a break, sleep on the problem, build up some energy and regain the power to be in control of the problem, not the problem in control of you. Reflect on how you handled the same situation in the past. Have you done your best?

The suit of Swords brings with it the ability to use the intellect to sort out issues, to think things over. Learn to let life flow, worrying does not solve the problem.

For every problem, there is a solution This card offers the chance to find answers.. While pain and sorrow may come with this card, there is deliverance in the end, And you can sigh with relief that you've conquered another battle. Savor the end of a problem, relish the period of recovery, gather enough positive energy and welcome the time when the things turn to your favor.


This page was created September 1, 2003 and updated July 25, 2006.