Strength and Courage of the Two of Swords Bonnie Moss 2002-2003


Study groups on Tarot has helped me immensely in my knowledge of tarot. Group members never lacked a yet different perspective on a card. One of the most important lessons was that the suit of Swords does not have to be interpreted solely on the gloomy side- there is a bright side to this suit!

Two of Swords

Sometimes, it is not that there is no solution, just that the problem is not identified.

In the Rider-Waite deck, a woman in blindfold sits bolt upright, holding two swords across her chest,behind her is the sea, jagged rocks jutting out , the new moon hangs mysteriously on the horizon. When a Sword card comes up, a negative energy seem to be the focus. First, look at the number of the card- two stands for duality, two issues, two of something. Take a moment to really look at the image in front of you, get a feel of the card before creating a story. Yes, each reading is a story.

The blindfold attracts my attention. Why the blindfold? It requires strength to hold the swords upright,hands crossed on her chest. Remember , Swords are not light objects.

What do you think? Problems , stressful situations and the like overwhelms us. Thus the blindfold- unable to see the problem, , unable to see the way, the solution to the current situation and perspective is clouded at the moment. This card is trying to say, take the blindfold off, look at the problem from all angles, use your intellectual capability to find an answer. Or are you good at putting up false fronts? Who are you trying to fool? If a decision has to be made, if it means a trade-off, give up something , after careful and thorough analysis of the situation, then do what must be done. Sometimes, it maybe that a drastic solution is the only way out, disastrous at the time, but ultimately, it may have been the best thing.

The rocks in the background are significant. Rocks may spell trouble, rocks could also indicate rigidity. Rock is a solid structure, as such, it is rigid. Perhaps, a touch of flexibility would be helpful, this takes will and courage.

Look at the moon- mysterious and unsettling. What shadows lurk in the darkness? Look into the deep recesses of the spirit, listen to your intuition, seek the guidance of your Higher Self.

Decisions, choices. Isn't this what Life is all about? One door closes another opens, was it the right move? Remind you of the Lady or the Tiger. Sometimes we work hard to "get there", but when we get "there",there is not what we expected. Where does Strength come in? The element Air is mysterious, yet essential to life. We all need a breathe of fresh air now and again, perhaps the problems that come along our way is a much needed tool to "breathe in" a new perspective,a new outlook , a different angle,a fresh approach to Life.

Sometimes the day starts off on a bad note, a bad-hair day! This is the woman in the card, holding the swords upright across her chest, firmly. This to me signifies the ability to face life against all odds. It shows the courage that lies within to balance our private life with our working, more public face. There comes a moment when you feel that the string you use to tie everything together neatly is ready to snap, and everything it binds together is ready to break and fall in every direction.

In our busy world, our priorities get all mixed up. Take a moment and take a closer look at what is important to you- go on that business trip and miss an important family celebration, work overtime to buy another toy or spend quality time with family or friends, watch TV, or spend a little time alone, to reflect, to contemplate, to meditate.

The list goes on. Ask yourself, what can you change before you get "burnt out" before your time. The Two of Swords offers that insight, that the blindfold can come off, acknowledge reality, for pain or gain. You have the courage , the ability to make better decisions and choices . You won't always be right, but, such is Life. We learn and grow from our mistakes, if we realize that we have the strength and courage to do so.


This page was created May 7, 2003 and updated December 3, 2006.