Amazing Grace

Low, High & Deep Prayers

I send low prayers into the ground,
These are for Jesus Christ,
Asking him to heal all people.

I send high prayers into the sky,
These are for God in Heaven,
Asking Him to bring peace to the world.

I send deep prayers into my heart,
These are for the Holy Spirit,
Asking Spirit to heal and pacify my heart.

Forgiving Prayer

My Father who is in heaven,
may your Holy Name be honoured
in this my humble home.
Please give me today the food I need
and forgive me my wrongs as I forgive
wrongs done to me by__________.

Please do not cause me to be hard
tested and keep the evil one away.
In Jesus name, all is well.

Radiant Angel

There works in me the dragon power that wants to drag me down.
I do not see it, I feel it as that which wills to make me what is below my being.

I see in spirit the Radiant Angel, Michael, whose cosmic task has always been to conquer the dragon.

I concentrate my warm-hearted feeling-will upon this radiant figure of Michael.

I let its light ray into my own warm-hearted feeling-will.


Michael under your protection I, _______, place myself.
With your guidance I connect myself wholeheartedly,
so that this day may become an image of your
destiny ordering will.

Guardian Angel

Angel of God, my Guardian dear
To whom God's love commits me here
Ever this day be by my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide

St. Teresa of Avila

Oh Guardian Angel, cover me under thy wing
Oh Friend, illumine my path
Guide my footsteps and be my protection
Just for today

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