Toward the One, The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, The Only Being, United with all Illuminated Souls, Who form the Embodiment of the Master, The Spirit of Guidance.

Candle Lighting

To the glory of the Omnipresent God, we kindle the light symbolically representing:

The Hindu Religion, The Buddhist Religion, The Zoroastrian Religion, The Native Religions, The Religion of Judaism, The Christian Religion, The Religion of Islam,

To the glory of the omnipresent God, we kindle the light symbolically representing all those who, whether known or unknown to the world, have held aloft the light of Truth through the darkness of human ignorance.

The Prayer Saum

Praise be to Thee, Most Supreme God, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, All-Pervading, Only-Being. Take us in Thy parental arms, Raise us from the denseness of the earth. Thy beauty do we worship, To Thee do we give willing surrender. Most Merciful and Compassionate God, The Idealized Lord of the whole humanity, Thee only do we worship; and towards Thee alone we aspire. Open our hearts towards Thy Beauty, Illuminate our souls with Divine Light, O Thou, The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty! All-powerful Creator, Sustainer, Judge, and Forgiver of our shortcomings, Lord God of the East and of the West, of the worlds above and below, and of the seen and unseen beings, Pour upon us Thy Love and Thy Light, Give sustenance to our bodies, hearts and souls, Use us for the purpose that Thy Wisdom chooseth, And guide us on the path of Thine Own Goodness, Draw us closer to Thee every moment of our life, Until in us be reflected Thy Grace, Thy Glory, Thy Wisdom, Thy Joy and Thy Peace. AMEN.


There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth,
Beyond us all,
Beyond the heavens,
Beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
This is the Light that shines in our heart.

(From: Chandogya Upanishad)

Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold to the truth within yourself, As to the only truth. (The Buddha, quoted in The Enlightened Mind)

Unto the immortal, shining swift-steeded Sun; Let there be invocation with sacrifice and with prayer. When the Light of the Sun waxeth brighter, When the brightness of the Sun waxeth warmer, Then do the heavenly forces arise. They pour their Glory upon the Earth, made by Ahura, For the increase of the world of Asha, For the increase of the Creatures of Asha, For the increase of the immortal, shining swift-steeded Sun. And when the Sun riseth, Then the Earth, made by the Ahuras, Becometh clean; the running Waters become pure; The Waters of the Wells become pure; The Waters of the Sea become pure; The standing Waters become pure; As the holy Creatures, The Creatures of the Good Spirit, become pure.
(Khorshed Yast, The Zend Avesta of Zarathustra)

Native Religions

Grandpa Iron said that we would hear the morning song coming from the Sundance Lodge a few days from now. He said that the sun is the light of the universe and that the songs are for all life in the Creation.

He told us that the sun brings power of warmth and growth to all living things.

Grandpa said that the sun is the medicine power in the Creation that stands for the Great Mystery, the Creator.

He said before the sun came, the universe was in darkness and cold. The spirits of all living things had no homes and were wandering through the blackness, searching for a place to become life.

Then, one time when all the spirits came together and became one thought of hope, their wish for life exploded with light in the universe. The Earth, our Mother, was born, and the Moon and all the planets and star nations were created.

The great power of the sun is the hope of love and goodness for all living things. Mother Earth gave herself to all life for the homes we needed. And the Sun gave himself to all life for the light and warmth we needed.

The Sun; The Indian Way: Learning to Communicate with Mother Earth, Gary McLain


No longer shall you need the sun
For light by day,
Nor the shining of the moon
For radiance by night;
For the Lord shall be your light everlasting
Your God shall be your glory.
Your sun shall set no more,
Your moon no more withdraw;
For the Lord shall be a light to you forever,
And your days of mourning shall be ended.
And your people, all of them righteous,
Shall possess the land for all time;
They are the shoot that I planted,
My handiwork in which I glory.
The smallest shall become a clan;
The least a mighty nation.
I the Lord will speed it in due time.

Isaiah 60:19; Tanakh, the Holy Scriptures


In the beginning was the Word:
the Word was with God
and the Word was God.
He was with God in the beginning.
Through him all things came into being,
not one thing came except through him.
What has come into being in him was life,
life that was the light of men; and light shines in darkness,
and darkness could not overpower it.
A man came, sent by God, his name was John.
He came as a witness, to bear witness to the light,
so that everyone might believe through him.
He was not the light, he was to bear witness to the light.
The Word was the real light that give light to everyone;
He was coming into the world.

John 1:1; The New Jerusalem Bible


Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.
The parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche,
And within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass;
The glass as it were a brilliant star:
Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the East
Nor of the West: whose Oil is well-nigh luminous,
Though the fire scarced touched it; Light upon Light!
Allah doth guide whom He will to His light:
Allah doth set forth Parables for men;
And Allah does know all things.

Surah 24:35; The Qur'an

Thy light has illuminated the dark chambers of my mind;
Thy love is rooted in the depths of my heart;
Thine own eyes are the light of my soul:
Thy power worketh behind my action;
Thy peace alone is my life's repose;
Thy will is behind my every impulse;
Thy voice is audible in the words I speak;
Thine own image is my countenance.
My body is but a cover over Thy soul;
My Life is Thy very breath, my beloved,
and my Self is Thine own being.
Ragas; Gayan; Vadan; Nirtan; Hazrat Inayat Khan

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