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How they do it..........
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2000-10 all rights reserved

Canadian Tarot readers do it with significance!

Most Tarot readers would rider waite to do it.

I Ching readers roll with the flow.

Numerologists figure the odds.

Cartomancists flip when they do it.

Astrologists do it on the cusp.

Palmists take it hands down.

Chiromancists do it with drips.

Deja Vu's just think they did it.

Rune readers do it where the stones grow.

Paranormalists aren't sure how to do it
and are contacting Art Bell on the mothership now.

Dowsers do it diviningly.

Clairvoyants do it within sight.

Psychometrists do it with feeling.

Channellers do it with guidance.

Magnetic healers do it with non-fatal attraction.

Hypnotists do it in their sleep.

Mystics do it in Altered States.

Scryers saw you do it and are watching the instant replay right now.

Hirospacists need guts to do it.

Tea Leaf readers do it with the right grounds.

Crystal seers like it on the rocks.

Dream interpreters do it Jung.

Aromatherapists do it with good scents.

Psychics do it in their heads.

Mediums do it 'til the table tips.

Metoscopists do it in lines.

Wiccans do it in circles.

Pagans druid 'til they drop.

Querents do it very carefully.

Qabbalists do it on the right path.

Spiritualists wait and a disembodied voice tells them when to do it.

Alchemists are waiting for that perfect combination.

The Hermit does it with a light on.

The Hanged Man does it with bungee cords.

No one knows if the Magician did it. The High Priestess won't tell but the
look of smug satisfaction on both their faces is a dead giveaway.

The Empress, does she or doesn't she?


The Greatest Psychics always do it with Protection!!!!

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