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Uncovering Meaning Under the Snow By Phillip Vannini 2007

A Walk In the Woods with Me
(c) Jerri Schlenker 2007

Spirit Path Peru Organization

Glastonbury: Ghosts of former monks helped with the
excavation about 350 years after Henry VIII destroyed the Abbey
(c) Guinevra 2007

Sacred Spaces & Faery Gifts
Two Poems (c) Stephanie Pflumm 2007

Ottawa Tulip Festival 2004 (c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2005-7

The Witch of Plum Hollow - My Weekend Adventure (c) Shannon Parsons 2004-7

One Year Later - Prestige Oil Spill Clean Up - Larino, Spain Brian Bradley 2003-7

The Amber Room Guinevra 2003-7

Team Diabetes Jennifer Hooper 2003-7

Teaching English As A Second Language - Live from South Korea Cindy Murphy 2003-7

Marmora - July 7, 2003-7 Cheryl Lynne Bradley, Bonnie Moss

Voluntario Libre - Prestige Oil tanker Disaster Clean-Up - Spain

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