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Interesting, Twisted Tarot and Esoteric Sites

Psychic Seek: A Directory Service provided by David and Helen Campbell for professional psychics, healers, mediums, tarot card readers and Spiritualist Churches to list their services free of charge.

Tarotlandia - Ethical Tarot Reader (Portuguese)

Qu Men Dun Jia I

Mojave Cowboy

Starcana - check out a great tarot site!

Linda Wood's Moonvision Tarot Site - A Great Lady!!!!

Order your Astro*Carto*Craphy Locality Chart

The Panic House Press: Press the Panic Button!

University of Metaphysical Sciences

African Drumming

Astrology Zone

Tarot Deck Reviews

Muslim Tarot Articles

Christian Tarot Articles

Buddhist Tarot Articles

Tarot and Dance Articles

Tarot Articles for Beginners

Tarot Articles for More Advanced Readers

Major Arcana Articles

Metasymbology - Regular Playing Cards

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying by Stephen Levine

Gemstone healing products. Free book download.

Tea Leaf Reading

Those Rotten Retrogrades

10 Healing Crystals for Women

10 Healing Crystals for Men

Osho Zen Tarot Reading

Vision Quests

The Aquarian Age

Discover Your Animal Totems

The Killings of Witches

Dr. Richard Cytowic - Synesthesia and more

It's Time to Wake Up - Reiki and Other Tools for Spiritual Awakening

St. Martin's Press

Dan Staroff

Intuitive Tarot


Jeanne Fiorini

The Feng Shui Way
Feng Shui Products, Newsletter

Psychic Search

Peace Seeds

Psychics & Mediums Network - UK. The Psychic Cafe

Lotus Tarot
Online Course, Articles

Tarot Made Easier - Online Courses

Mastering Tarot - Vincente's Video and Tape Learning System

Ethical Orientation Questionnaire

The Sleepers Market - Try the Dream Interpreter Service!!!

The Witches Voice

Higher Awareness

The Witching Hours (NB) - excellent site!

AstrologyZine, Canadian. Course Material Tarot, Astrology, Numerology & Humour

Free Online Courses for Psychic Development - Canadian

Tarot Made Easy - Nancy Garen

Learning the Tarot - On-Line Course

Wiccan Lesson Plan

The Wiccan NetBook of Shadows

Astrology Numerology - Course material

Herbs & Aromas Guide

Reading the I Ching with Tarot

Cafe Tarot, Canadian

Montreal's Magical Circle

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius

Amethyst Meditation Gardens

Ask Rosie - Yes/No Ouija

Global Psychics MegaSite (Toronto)

The Spiritual Life of Carlos Santana

Darkroom from Scratch

The Temple of Yehwe - Voodoo

Do you believe in angels, ghosts, dreams....

Keirsey Temperment Sorter - Highly Recommended!!!

Mexican Tarot

Tarot Humour

Ontario Wiccan/Pagan Links

Museum of Talking Boards (Ouija)

Cosmic Baseball Association

Automatic Writing

Moving Glass Seance



Skeptic's Dictionary

The Herb Encyclopedia

Goddess Tarot

Chinese Horoscope

Palm Reading - Scanner required

The Museum of Menustration

Lakota Runes

Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium - Canadian

The Realm of Mysticism

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