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"Healing Tree" is Montreal based Michaela Sefler's sixth volume of mystical poetry. Her previous titles are: "Still True";" A Fortress in My Heart"; "The Sun is Hot"; "Through the Ages" and "Seven Stars". Her publications are available through her website at as well as through Ingrams and other on-line sources.

Sefler draws on Qabbalistic knowledge, esoteric wisdom and the use of symbolism to share her spiritual vision of the world. Appropriate spiritual symbols punctuate the entire book and have a very tribal art feel. The cover and page design is by Ruth Evelyn at

Michaela Sefler's writing evokes healing as a mystical state supported by ancient wisdom, faith and understanding. She explores the concepts of belief in a Creator and the interconnections between nature and spirituality. Her style is an interesting blend of free verse and meditative stream of consciousness. I must say that her poems create a feeling of intimacy. You have the sense of being inside her own private visions and moments of spiritual connectedness. Her words and expression have a sensitivity and a gentleness, as if she is trying to pick a drop of milk out of a glass of water or is locked in a daydream. It is almost like you are staring out the window with her while she is channeling the Divine.

In the "Healing Tree", she uses animal totems and the beauty of nature to craft her poetry. She explores and shares the spiritual significance and esoteric meaning of these powerful and timeless symbols. The influence of the Tarot comes through very strongly in her writing. I particularly like the poem “Begotten“ which is a almost best described as a seer's song; it could easily be a Tarot reading done as a poem. It is extremely effective and compelling.


To obtain, that which is longed for,
distinctness and uniqueness,
intentionality and expression of the soul,
achieved finally.
To succeed and to solve
to resolve humbly;
scales of justice
judgment returning.
A light shines
on a matter that is hidden,
in union,
life is begotten.
A new day
new beginnings;
closer in ability
are body and soul.
New steps
a whole,
giving of itself.

There are many other poems in this book that I loved and felt connected to. Michaela explores personal relationships, our connections to nature, angels, the Creator, the Qaballa, the Tree of Life, the Cosmos, Astrology, Alchemy, the elements, virtue and inner healing. Truly she is inviting us to journey with her; to explore our own higher self and connect to the higher powers that shape our world and our perceptions.

"The Gates", "Retreating“, "Vital Signs", "The Keeper", "Hu Java", "Stepping Up a Ladder", "Beginnings", "A Tapestry", "In Between", "Inherent", "The Fifth Element" and "Meaning" are just some of the beautiful work she is sharing with us in this book. A very peaceful, thoughtful and spiritually enriching book.

In closing, a couple of lines from the poem "Meaning" truly describe what this young woman is sharing with us:

What my heart
means most;
what my mind finds
That which my soul
what my body
That is what I set before you;

You can read an Author Interview with Michaela Sefler by clicking Here.


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