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Try Invisible Writing Predictions
(c) Atham Z 2003-7

A rather unusual form of candle divination involves the remarkable properties of fresh lemon juice. Obtain a clean pen (the type used for calligraphy), neither ball point nor felt-tip, since no ink-filled pen nor a pencil can be used. A sharpened, short stick may be substituted. Squeeze the juice from a lemon into a small bowl. Lay three, five or seven small pieces of paper on a flat surface. Dipping the pen into the lemon juice, write a variety of realistic possible future outcomes about some issue that concerns you on each piece of paper with the juice; the juice here acting as the ink. Since lemon juice is invisible and difficult to write with, keep these "futures" to just a few words. Then allow them to dry.

Light a candle. Place the slips of paper into a bowl. Mix them with your hands, then choose one at random. Hold the chosen piece of paper close enough to the flame to heat it but not close enough to burn it. The heat will reveal the prediction previously written on the paper as the lemon juice darkens. This will ascertain the probable future outcome.

Now remember, don't cheat by choosing a 2nd paper. If it wasn't the prediction you were hoping for, let events unfold and find out just how accurately this method works for you.

Have Fun!


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