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We passed two significant celebrations: Once more Thanksgiving and the Memory Day of Germany’s Unification. Like a quest for all interested to reform the Church continually now, Reformation Day (31st of October) is near. Actually this is no occasion for celebrations, but it means the duty to stay aware of the responsibility of churches in history.

The harvest in each year require time-consuming preparations and efforts. We thank God for all the gifts we received. Like one says daily “Thank you” without taking the trouble to think much about these words; so maybe we use this phrase just too casually. “Thank God” is easy and quick to say. But I can only be really thankful, if at the same time, I am able to recognize and respect the difficulties and achievements of someone else’s lifework.

In a church agenda I read something, that should be a thought for meditation or prayer: A doctor of Theology had to undergo a complicated operation. After that a nurse told the recovering patient: “You should be very thankful to our doctors”. He answered her: “God had helped me”. The knowledge and work of others earned no *thank you* from him.

  Luther’s opinion was good friends and all the next ones with their small or great assistance, their closeness, belonged into his life as well as their expenditure of strength and attention, which aroused his mental and psychological being. Thanksgiving should stimulate to sort out my own personal life. Thanks for my life’s path and to thank all those who assisted me in gaining my profound experiences, which I realized after giving them considerable thought.

Especially essential help is forgotten on large scale. Strangely the small Ego is often not in a position to perceive the significance of aid. The special ability to express our emotions was missing. A certain *something* in us knew, that we should act, but we lacked the strength to do it. Apparently it is easier to remember nasty experiences than to think about all the favours fellow humans enriched our life with. Later, musing on this, our own heart tries to damn us, because real thanksgiving seems no longer valid. But for any self-accusation the Bible provides us with wise words: “God is greater than our heart and perceives all”. A human should not just speak: “I thank God” and not acknowledge the heartfelt thankfulness for his fellow men.

Someone tells us: “I have a connection with God!” Does he tell me that I could not have an equal relation?

Then I am ready to believe, that I face a human, who is prepared and able to address the world of emotions and occurrences he believed were lost in him, so that he can wake up my experiences, skills and life capability. It would be just wonderful to meet someone on our life’s path, who can unlock for the Ego with its limited perception the access to yonder spiritual fountain that originates in the deep cosmos, so that all sacrifices, pain and sadness as well as all bliss can be transformed into strength, light and good purposes.  

Jesus spoke the words about being human that one ever longs for, who else can one ask to join a mile of ones life path and who agrees with his own free will to share the second part too.


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This page was updated November 12, 2007.