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In this day and age when we are all scrambling to find meaning and ability to survive in life, I wonder if sometimes we just sit back, breathe and be thankful. Yes, there is much chaos and there is incredible pain and sadness in the world. Beyond what is imaginable, there is profound injustice.

I believe in starting with the idea of being kind. Recently Barack Obama made a speech to The Democratic convention. He said something to the effect of “let’s stop all the partisan games”. I respect him greatly. I truly believe he wants to do some good in the world. Yes, he has taken on a chore far greater than probably has ever been taken on this world. But his message is strong and clear. I have been waiting for someone like him to come along and tell the truth. Finally! I believe millions of people have been waiting for a person such as this. However, he is only human and we are all needed in the hope for change.

As much as humanly possible, let’s work together to solve the world’s problems. Let’s come from the idea that we are all human beings who need to be loved. We need food, water, safety. We need respect, need to belong, to enjoy friendship. We need to feel good about ourselves, and feel appreciated in our community and in our world. If we all treat others as we would like to be treated, (as my mother used to say!), wouldn’t this be a better world? Yes, I know this sounds incredibly naïve and idealistic. But I believe with that intention in mind, we will be working toward what is good and right and true.

A very dear friend of mine gave me a beautiful bracelet recently. It has four starfish on it. Do you remember the “starfish” story? A little boy was on the beach where there were thousands of starfish at his feet that had been washed ashore. He began to throw them back in one at a time. A man came along and asked him why he is bothering…there are thousands…he can’t possibly save them all. The little boy just looked at the man and threw another one back in the water. “I just saved that one” he said. When I look at my bracelet, I am reminded of that beautiful story and how very important we all are in making change in our world. I am grateful to be a part of it.


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